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Photo Gallery : Soldiers on BTS track above Pathumwanaram Temple aimed at demonstrator

Translated from Prachatai 
Thu, 2010-05-27 01:50

Shocking photos sent from a volunteer reporter during the incident at Pathumwanaram Temple on 19th and 20th May show all 6 shot dead and armed soldiers on BTS track with same marking tags as those attacking the the demonstrators on the 19th. As the Central of Resolution of Emergency Situation (CRES) refused and claimed that the armed soldiers were at Siam BTS Station, the National Human Right Committee claims the evidences are insufficient to ensure that the shots were from soldiers

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19th May incident

The photos sent from the volunteer reporter were captured on the 19th May ,showing a number of soldiers near Siam BTS Station aiming at the demonstrators in the area of Pathumwanaram Temple below, in which many hundred demonstrators ran for cover.

The photos captured on the 20th May, the day after the police took the demonstrators from inside out to safety, show the soldiers still in position on the BTS track near Siam BTS Station. Gunfires from the earlier night resulted in 6 dead civilians. The bodies remain inside Pathumwanaram Temple.

After verifying these photos, the armed force near the Siam BTS Station and on the BTS track appeared to be the same armed force employed in the "Operation Rachaprasong", noted from the similar glossy pink stickers on the helmets.
Military claimed, soldier were only at the Station not approaching into the area.
Yesterday, 26th May, prior to the daily meeting of the CRES in the Army Headquarter, the internal meeting between intelligence and operation division took place, to prepare information for clarify to the parliament.  The Special Force Headquarter clarifies the clash at Pathumwanaram Temple and confirms that there was no gunfires shot into the temple, since they only approached to Siam BTS Station.

 Human Right Commission : Insufficient evidence on the gunfires
Mrs. Amara Pongsapitch, president of the National Human Right Commission, said, the incident resulting 6 shot dead in front for Pathumwanaram Temple still has no clear evidence of any shooter, the photos just show soldiers standing on the BTS track, more factors and contexts are needed. Doctor Chuchai Supawong, secretary of the National Human Right Commission, said,the photos point to no conclusion that there was the soldier's shot.

Suthep warned media not to fall for the terrorist. 
Suthep Teougsuban, vice-Prime minister of security spoke of the clarification of the evidences and witnesses of the killing occurred in the Temple given by Pheu Thai Party and warned the media for careful publication of news and not to be convinced and become a tool by the terrorist and added that, those who lie has been only certain group. while Abhisit Vetjashiwa said in the CRES conference on 25th May of worry about the incident at Pathumwanaram Temple and demanded those who are responsible to prapare the facts and information to declare, especially the sensitive cases which could possibly lead to harm consequences.

Translated by Nakarin Visitsin

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